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Environmental Scenarios

After each scenario write down what you would need to change (if anything) in order to feel comfortable in each work environment.

  1. You are working in a small cluttered room with three other people. The radio is playing pop music. You are sitting on the couch writing a letter. The other two people are sitting at their desks talking about what they want to eat for dinner.

  2. You are working at an orderly desk. There are 5 other people in your tidy, spacious office. Everyone is silent as they work on their computers.

  3. It is a warm evening. The windows are open and you can hear the traffic. You are working in a large office with a good friend of yours. You have 3-4 hours to work before you can go home.

  4. The people you work with stay on task for about 20 minutes before getting up to move around. The music is on. People are relaxed and friendly to one another. There is always a conversation going on while people work.

  5. The room is cozy and warm and the drapes are usually pulled. The lighting is dim. You sit in an overstuffed chair and write using a book as a hard surface.

  6. You work in a small brightly lit room with two other people. Not much talking goes on. People are busy and keep to themselves. There is a candy and pop machine right outside of the room People eat a lot of junk food in the room.

  7. You work in a large, cluttered room where the phone rings all of the time and you can overhear other people's conversations.

  8. You work in a room which is very clean and light, but doesn't get much heat. People dress warmly. People move around a lot while they work, but they don't really talk too much.

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