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How Do You Learn Best?

Put check marks next to the items that apply to you.


I like to listen to people talk about things.
I usually remember what I hear.
I would rather watch a movie than read a book.
I learned more in school by listening to the teacher's explanation rather than by reading the textbook.
I would rather listen to the news on the radio than read the newspaper.
I would rather someone tell me about upcoming meetings at work than have to read about them in memos.

Total number of check marks: ________


I get pictures in my head when I read.
I remember faces better than I remember names.
When I have to concentrate on spelling a word, I see that word in my mind.
When I take a test, I can see in my mind what the notes I took in class look like and that helps me get the answer.
I remember what pages in a book look like.
I remember events in the past by seeing them in my mind.

Total number of check marks: ________


When I'm thinking through a problem, I pace around or move around a lot.
It's hard for me to sit still and study.
I would rather learn by doing something with my hands than read about that same thing in a book.
I like to make models of things.
When I see something new and interesting I usually want to touch it in order to find out more about it.
I would rather go out dancing or bowling than stay home and read a book.

Total number of check marks: ________


I write down things that I need to remember.
I make fewer mistakes when I write than when I speak.
I like it when someone who is explaining something to me uses a blackboard or a piece of paper to write down the main points, so that I can copy what s/he writes.
I keep my schedule by writing down the things I need to do. I would be lost without my daily planner.
After I take notes, I rewrite my notes in order to better understand something.
When I read I often take notes in order to better understand the ideas I've read.

Total number of check marks: ________


I would rather read a report myself than be told what is in it.
I like to read in my free time.
I usually remember information that I read better than information that I hear.
I would rather read the newspaper than watch the news on TV.
I can learn how to put something together by reading the instructions.
I like it when teachers write on the board, so that I can read what they write.

Total number of check marks: ________


When I have a problem to figure out I often talk to myself.
People have wondered why I talk to myself.
I remember things better when I say them outloud. For example, if I have to learn a new phone number I repeat it again and again to myself.
I communicate better by speaking than by writing.
I enjoy talking on the phone.
I learn best when I study with other people, and we discuss new ideas or concepts.

Total number of check marks: ________

Your Learning Style

The areas where you have three or more check marks indicate your preferred learning style. For example, you may learn best when you are able to write down what you hear. Or, you may need to talk more about new information to really get it. Or, you might be one of those people who can put together a model plane without having to look at the instructions.

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