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Global or Analytical

Write "Yes" following each statement if it is true for you most of the time

1. Do you like working alone better than working in groups?

2. Do you need to understand what the whole task is before you can set out to do it step by step?

3. Do you feel like you need to finish one task before starting another?

4. Do you always try to relate what you learn to your life?

5. Do you prefer a teacher who doesn't talk about his/her personal life?

6. Do you enjoy team competition more than individual competition?

7. Do you find that you aren't bothered by criticism as much as other people seem to be?

8. Is it hard for you to take criticism?

9. Do you need to work in an organized environment?

10. Do you want to know exactly what is expected of you on the job, all of the rules and regulations?

11. Do you enjoy individual sports more than team sports?

12. Do you often turn to others to talk about an assignment before starting it?

13. Do you find it easy to concentrate on something without getting distracted?

14. Do you often feel inspired or tempted to stop whatever you are doing to do something else?

15. Do you take your time making decisions, thinking though all of the possible outcomes carefully?

16. Do you see or get impressions of the whole before you see any details?

17. If you got a poor rating on an evaluation form would you want to know exactly what you had done wrong?

18. Do you enjoy learning about your boss' or teacher's private life?

19. Does it bother you when there is a task to get done and people interrupt the flow of what they are doing to gossip?

20. Do you seek others' opinions before making decisions?

21. Do you carry around a day planner?

22. Does it bother you when you are called on to concentrate on more than a couple of things at a time?

23. Do you enjoy trying out several ways of solving a problem?

24. Would you resent losing points on a history test because of a spelling mistake?

To find how to score this assessment and to understand more about your learning style, see "Hints For The Global And Analytical."

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