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What Do They Have Going for Them? Against Them?

Read the following scenarios and determine what each person has going in their favor and what circumstances they have going against them.

Situation One

Mari has been working for a government agency as a receptionist for the last six months. All of her co-workers like her really well and her supervisor has given her two excellent performance evaluations. Mari does her job very well. It is easy for her and she looks forward to moving up in the agency. Mari needs her job as she is a single mother supporting a five year old daughter. She is the first person in her family to get off welfare in three generations. She is proud of herself. and so is her supervisor who goes out of his way to be supportive of her.

Mari told a lie on her job application. She said that she had graduated from high school when in actuality she dropped out in her junior year when she got pregnant. Now she is having trouble sleeping at night because of the lie she told. She feels that she is deceiving the people she works with and feels terrible about it. She knows that if she had told the truth about being a high school drop out she wouldn't have gotten the job. She doesn't know what to do. What would you do if you were Mari?

Situation Two

José has been the manager at a shoe making factory for the past ten years. A year ago the company switched to a new brand of glue to use to glue the tennis shoe soles to the shoes. Since then José has noticed that people in the department who use the glue have been absent a lot and have been complaining about getting frequent headaches, dizziness and having difficulty breathing at night. The new brand of glue is much stronger than the glue they used to use. Customers have noticed that the shoes they buy are much stronger and sales have increased dramatically. José has gotten a huge raise and has been able to send his son to college because of the extra money he has earned.

José's boss believes in profit at any cost. He pays the workers, mostly recent immigrants to the U.S. who speak very little English, just a little above minimum wage. He does pay for their health insurance, however, which is a relief to José. He figures that if they get really sick at least they will get help. What would you do if you were José?

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