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Giving and Receiving Feedback on Your Work

Asking for Feedback:

  1. Tell the person what you've done, and how you feel about it.
    "I've just completed a report for my boss. I think I covered all of the points that she wanted me to, but I'm not sure."

  2. Ask the person if they would have time to look it over.
    "Would you have time to look this over"?
    "Would you have time to proofread this?"
    "I was wondering if you would have the time to look this over for me?"
    "I was wondering if you would have the time to proofread this for me?"

  3. Tell the person what kind of feedback you want.
    "I'd like you to read this for grammar mistakes/content/spelling mistakes/style/word choice".
    "I'd like your general reactions to this."

  4. Let the person know by when you'd like it back.
    "Would it be possible to go over this again in an hour?"
    "Do you think you could possibly meet with me tomorrow to go over this?"
    "When would it be convenient for you to go over this again?"

  5. Thank the person.
    "I really appreciate you doing this for me."
    "Thank you very much. I'm really glad that I'll be able to get a second opinion on this before having to turn it in."

Giving Feedback:

  1. Start off with what you like about the paper you read.
    "I really liked the way you talked about our department's financial goals."
    "Your spelling and grammar were really great. Your paper was easy to read."
    "Your ideas flowed very well."

  2. Get to the specifics of what you were asked to look at.
    "You asked me to look at your spelling. Let me show you the kind of mistakes I found."
    "You wanted me to look at your word choice. Over all you used appropriate vocabulary, but in a few instances I think you could have used different words."

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