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My Environmental Preferences

Put a check in the boxes which apply to you.

I do my best work in the daytime.
I like to work at night.

I need quiet when I work.
I like to have some noise in the background when I work.


I like to work in a brightly lit area.
I prefer working in soft lighting


I like to work where it its warm.
I like to work where it is cool.

Body Mechanics:

I can sit for a long time and do my work.
I like to move around a lot. I don't like to sit.

Length of Time On The Task:
I do my work in long spurts of two or more hours.
I like to do my work in short spurts of 30-45 minutes.

Food and Drink:
I don't need to have anything to eat or drink around me.
I work best when I have food or something to drink around me.

Other People:
I like having others around me when I work.
I would rather be in a room alone when I work.

I don't like to hear the phone ring when I work.
I don't mind being interrupted by the phone.

I can't stand working in a cluttered area.
I like my working area to be very organized.

I like working in a room with things on the walls.
I like working in a white room with nothing on the walls.

I like working in a big space.

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