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Brainstorming is a free-form process that taps into the creative ideas of a group. One person says an idea, which reminds someone of another idea which reminds someone else of a different idea and so on. All of the ideas are recorded on the blackboard or on a flip chart.

How To Brainstorm:

  • People share all of their ideas.
  • No ideas are judged to be good or bad. No comments are made.
  • Any and all ideas are encouraged.
  • People don't interrupt each other.
  • Repeating ideas already mentioned is O. K.
  • The goal is to get a lot of ideas.
  • There needs to be enough time allowed.
  • The ideas are recorded on the board or on a flip chart.

Brainstorming Exercises:

  • How to earn an extra $100.00 a month
  • Ways to prevent youth from dropping out of high school
  • Ways the workplace can be improved
  • How to make new friends

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