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Assessment Process
Assessment is to be integrated throughout the instructional process to determine what I-CANS skills will be used in guiding instruction, monitoring student progress, and documenting skill gains resulting from instruction. The I-CANS assessment process follows the following sequence:

1. In addition to focusing on reading, writing, math and communication skills (as appropriate), the instructor and students select other I-CANS skill areas they wish to target (group effectiveness, thinking skills, personal management, learning to learn, influence).

2. The students go through a needs assessment/appraisal process within each targeted skill area in order to determine which specific I-CANS skills they need to address within that area. The method of appraisal is determined by the instructor.

3. The I-CANS skills which the student needs to address as a result of the needs assessment/appraisal are recorded on their individualized skills list in the Student Plan. Some students will have individual differences based on their individual needs, however the group as a whole should have a shared list of skills.

4. The instructor provides pre-testing on each of the targeted I-CANS skills. This test can take many forms. At the discretion of the instructor any of the following methods can be used for the pre-test of targeted I-CANS skills; formal test, observed behavior, product review, self-report, Northwest Workplace Basics Testlets, or other methods deemed appropriate by the instructor. The results of those tests are recorded in the Student Plan.

5. The instructor uses pre-test results to plan instruction in order to help students improve in those skills. The targeted I-CANS skills guide the instructional process.

6. The instructor gives a post-test following instruction to determine the level of understanding. Post-test results are also recorded in the Student Plan. Wherever possible, products reflecting understanding of skills are placed in student portfolios.

Each I-CANS team will have its own approach to assessment that is most appropriate for the students in the program, the administrative structure, the type of instruction provided, etc. Even though these approaches are customized, they should include the components outlined above.

The following pages include materials to help I-CANS teams plan these site-specific assessment processes, including resource articles and sample tools.

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