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The Maze
Peggy Grable

This particular CAT is discipline-specific for English. It encourages self-assessment and develops study skills, especially persistence. Students evaluate sentence structure by choosing correctly written sentences. Once all the sentences are chosen they then complete the maze. If they have not done the exercise correctly they are unable to complete the maze, which serves as a self-check of their accuracy. This exercise alerts students and the instructor to material that needs to be reviewed, perhaps in a different way.

Directions: Using a pencil, find a path through the maze by passing through only those circles that refer to sentences that are complete and are punctuated correctly. Do not pass through sentence fragments, run-on sentences, or sentences that have misused commas or semicolons. In short, if the sentence has an error in it, do not pass through the circle that refers to it. Hint: Shade the impossible circles; then a clear path should be readily seen (see circle number 4).


Directions: Read each of the following groups of words carefully. If they make a complete sentence and are correctly punctuated, circle the number of the sentence. If the group of words is a fragment or is incorrectly punctuated, do nothing.

1. Lisa and Mark just returned from Hawaii they had a wonderful honeymoon.

2. The telephone drove me crazy, ringing as it did at all hours of the night.

3. However, the twins' behavior is quite different.

4. His spoiled cat, pickles, who sleeps on a velvet pillow and refuses to eat dry cat food.

5. When you call Dad about the accident, tell him not to worry; no one was hurt.

6. Pizza can be highly nutritional, however, it is also frustrating.

7. After they argued loudly and Eleanor slapped him, and he stomped out of the building.

8. I want to go to the Fourth of July celebration in the park this year since I didn't get to go last year.

9. Although she said he looked better without a beard, he refused to shave it off.

10. I finished studying, then I took a break.

11. Before he had gone more than two blocks, two strangers leaped out at Elliot from behind a fence and smeared him with lemon meringue pies.

12. The bum on the corner was no chauvinist; he said he'd gladly take Susan B. Anthony coins if I had any.

13. One of the records that I bought last Thursday is scratched and I will have to return it.

14. Next Tuesday is your birthday, isn't it?

15. If Jennie had only told her roommate that she had already made arrangements to go home.

16. I like the clock my brother sent me from Germany yet I always forget to wind it.

17. Annette came to a shaded mountain stream and sat down to cool her tired feet in the flowing water.

18. Kathy bit her fingernails and pulled her hair, she was nervous about tomorrow's exam.

19. Lewis bought new glasses, and promptly broke them.

20. I watered my plants faithfully each week, nevertheless, they shriveled up and died.

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