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Class Evaluation
Britt Barer

The "Class Evaluation" CAT provides feedback to the instructor regarding how students felt about a class session. The instructor learns what the student didn't understand, what the student hopes for in the next class session, and learns about the appropriateness of different teaching styles for specific students. This CAT also provides the student with self-assessment of their study habits such as promptness, concentration, and effort. Although this assessment is used in Developmental Education it could be adapted for any course.

Feedback to My Teacher About Today's Class

Something I learned or accomplished (circle one) today in this class:

Something that I don't understand about what we've been studying:

A suggestion I have for the next class:

Something our teacher did today that I appreciate:


Evaluation of Myself Today

In class on time? Yes / No / Comment:

Prepared with materials? Yes / No / Comment:


Homework completed? Yes / No / Comment:


Gave learning activities my best effort? Yes / No / Comment:


Avoided distracting and discouraging behaviors? Yes / No / Comment:


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