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Theme Step #5: Evaluate and Plan

Evaluation can take the form of formal and informal assessment of student progress, and it can also be evaluation of the theme process and the project. Was it successful? What worked and didn't work? Was the project effective in meeting the goals of the students? What effect did the project have on the community or workplace?

Based on the evaluation, the teacher and students can plan the next step. Should we continue with this theme, exploring new issues that emerged? Should we go to a new theme? Return to our original list and choose from there? Should we generate new themes? Together, teacher and students need to discuss the next steps.

At the end of a theme it is important to look back at the skills that were developed and how those skills can be used in personal life, community involvement, and in the workplace. Students can share how they have been applying the skills outside of the class. Documentations of skill improvement can be included in portfolios and shared with program administration and funders.

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