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Theme Step #4: Create a Project

This can be a very powerful step where students apply new knowledge to life to help solve problems. This is something that should be done as a group that takes them outside of just their personal lives, making an impact in their community or in the workplace. Some project ideas follow.

Project Activity #1: Publishing
From the information gained in research, students identify who would value form knowing more about the topic. After determining who the audience is and how the publication will be distributed, the publication is developed. (Students may decide to rewrite currently existing publications)

Project Activity #2: Video
Students may decide to make a video to present their new information to others. This can take form in a number of ways: a news broadcast, a variety show, or interviews. Some videos could even make it to public access channels.

Project Activity #3: Form a Club
Students may decide to form a club. these clubs could serve as support groups where members are able to share their progress and get referrals and help from one another. Possible clubs include: child care coops, job clubs, work-exchange clubs, and substance abuse support groups (would most likely need a professional counselor).

Project Activity #4: Presentations
Students may decide to make presentations to other groups. These groups could be located in the school or out in the community.

Project Activity #5: Writing
Students might write articles for their local or school newspapers. They could coordinate an effort to write to decision makers.

Project Activity #6: Panel Discussions
Students arrange a panel discussion on the topic for the school or community.

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