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Team Building


1. Use this paper to find out what characteristics, activities, qualities, interests, likes/dislikes, etc. you and your teammates have in common.

2. One team member starts the converstation to find out if they share the same interest, likes/ dislikes, etc. The first team member might say, "I enjoy exercising. What about you?" Each teammate responds. If all teammates agree, then it is a commonality and the asking member writes it in the center circle. If they don't share the quality or like/ dislike, the team member can write it outside the circle and ask another question. This team member leads the discussion until he/she finds a commonality. Then he/she passes the paper to the next team member and the discussion begins again.

3. The above activity continues until all members have had a chance to lead the discussion and there are at least 4 commonalities in the circle. (Teams may add more if time permits)

4. The team considers all the commonalities and creates a name for the team that reflects them and their interests.



Team Name: _________________________


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