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(Academic, practitioner, and student)

Annotated Bibliography of Research on Reading and Adults Learning English as a Second Language
A bibliography and webliography of research on reading and adults learning ESL by NCLE.

Chance to Earn, Chance to Learn
This report by Heide Wrigley and Julie Strawn explores ways in which employment and English language training can be linked for new immigrants and refugees. It is a good summary of the current state of research in this area of ESL.

Changes Project
The work of the Changes Project paints a picture of the impact of these three issues on the lives of adult learners at these five programs.

English Literacy and Language Minorities in the United States
The report provides an in-depth look at adult residents of the United States who were either born in other countries or were born in the United States but spoke a language other than English as young children. The report explores the English fluency and literacy of this population, their fluency and literacy in their native languages, and their employment patterns and earnings.

Focus on Basics
This quarterly publication of the National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy, presents best practices, current research on adult learning and literacy, and how research is used by adult basic education teachers, counselors, program administrators, and policy makers. Full-text versions of all back issues and information on subscribing are available.

Good Jobs for Adults with Limited English Skills
This 48-page report from the AFL-CIO addresses the issue of workforce readiness among Limited English Proficient adults.

Learning From Practice
This is the ESL collection of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Adult Basic and Literacy Education’s (ABLE) Learning from Practice Project. opportunities for practitioners interested in improving teaching and learning by participating in action research and practitioner inquiry. Annotations describe the focus of each teacher’s research.

Mental Health and the ESL Classroom
Produced by the International Institute of Boston, this is a guide to working with refugees, who have experienced the physical and emotional trauma of forced migration, in the classroom.

NCSALL Research Reports
NCSALL has undertaken the ten research projects listed on this page. Each project has several studies that build on the same theme.

Online learning in sociological context
This study investigated the sociocultural factors which helped shape a computer-based ESL writing course in a conservative Christian college, factors which included a complex relationship between teacher, researcher, and students.

Plot thickens: Beginning level English language learners as strategists
This essay details one teacher’s efforts to identify and incorporate low level ESL students’ learning strategies into her teaching. The teacher identifies some areas for further research in how language learning strategies are developed, supported, and used by adult ESL learners.

Practitioner Research Reports
This site houses the practitioner research reports for the Virginia Adult Education Research Network.

Relationship between reading and speaking skills
Article on the relationship between the development of reading and speaking skills, especially with adult ESOL learners.

Research Agenda for Adult ESL
This paper outlines a research agenda for the field of adult ESOL.

Research Briefs from CAELA
This is a series of research briefs from The Center for Adult English Language Acquisition (CAELA). The briefs summarize different research topics in ESL, and are available in PDF format.

TECH21: The Research Papers
TECH21 is a collaboration among several organizations, with the purpose of advancing knowledge in the use of technology in adult education. This website offers many research papers published as part of TECH21’s studies.

Rhode Island Practitioner Inquiry
These pages compile the reports of practitioner inquiry and research conducted in Rhode Island in 2001-3, almost all of which were conducted in ESOL classrooms.  The link above takes you to the 2001 reports.  Click here for the 2002 reports.

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