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Related Links, Collections, and Journals


Colorado Department of Education
The EL/Civics collection put together by the Colorado Department of Education (added 10/30/03)

Directory of Online ESL Resources
NCBE and ERIC/CLL have created this directory of online ESL resources that are appropriate for all ages

Education World's ESL Center
This site includes a searchable Tool Box of resources as well as links to lesson plans and learning sites.

E.L. Easton's page on grammar links
This is a good collection of many links to grammar sites.

English as a Second Language Resources, Handouts and Exercises
This site is a collection of writing exercises. While it is not contextualized instruction, the information provided is useful for students who wish to practice a particular grammar skill. The site includes handouts on specific topics like "Subject-Verb Agreement" and print-able exercises for classroom practice.

ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career, and Vocational Education
The ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career, and Vocational Education (ERIC/ACVE) provides comprehensive information services in these areas: Adult and Continuing Education, Career education, childhood through adult, Vocational and technical education including employment and training

ESL MiniConference Online
This Internet-based newsletter strives to give ESL professionals around the world an efficient way to stay aware of new trends and issues in our dynamic field. It contains articles and online posts on a variety of issues relevant to ESL professionals.

Frontier College: A Toolbox for ESL Tutors
It provides lesson plans based on thematic units. The Toolbox activities provide tutors/teacher with ideas for lessons that can be adapted and or expanded depending on the student’s interest, goals and prior knowledge.

The Internet ESL Journal
This is a monthly web-based journal of articles, research papers, lesson plans, classroom handouts, teaching techniques and ideas, and links for the ESL/EFL classroom teacher. contents of previous monthly publications since 1995 as well as for lesson plans and classroom handouts) and for general ESL/EFL web links.

Literacy Online
This is the thematic directory for the research collection of From here, you can link to a "Language, Bilingualism, and ESL" collection. The site, sponsored by the International Literacy Institute and the National Center on Adult Literacy, gives information on literacy-related publications, projects, and websites.

NCBE/CAL Online Directory of ESL Resources
The National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition & Language Instruction Educational Programs (formerly the National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education) has created an on-line directory of ESL resources for teachers, students, administrators, business people, researchers, and parents. This directory has a large number of resources, and can be searched with already-provided search terms.

NCLE Resource Collections: Learning Disabilities and Adult ESL
This resource collection both provides background materials about learning disabilities from K-12 and adult education and gathers the few resources that directly address adult ESL concerns.

NCLE Resource Collections: Assessment and Evaluation in Adult ESL
This resource collection provides materials about testing issues, standardized tests currently in use by adult education programs, and standards initiatives.

OTAN For Teachers Area
This site is open to teachers who register for free with Outreach & Technical Assistance Network. It contains lesson plans, monthly Internet in the Classroom updates, and teacher-related news for adult education teachers.

Tower of English
This site contains over 300 links to ESL websites. The categorization is very well-done. Another useful feature is the inclusion of suggestions for teachers on how to use the website in classroom activities.

United Kingdom Internet Links
This is a site from the United Kingdom, with a well-categorized listing of websites.

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