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In the Classroom

Source Materials
(newspapers, photos, poems—
anything not already adapted)

Arts and Letters Daily
This website can be a starting place for current events lesson planning. It provides a daily summary of world-wide news, articles, columns, taken from all kinds of publications on topics like: arts, literature, history, music, scientific discoveries, etc.

Border Senses
Border Senses is a bilingual literary magazine created to provide a venue for writers and graphic artists of the Southwest and U.S./Mexico border. In conjunction with El Paso Community College’s Community Education Program, the journal hosted a series of creative writing workshops for migrant farm workers. These workshops resulted in a book of stories and this website. Click on “traducciones” for English versions of student writings.

The Change Agent
The Change Agent is a newspaper with articles on news, issues, ideas, and teaching resources

Learning Resources: CNN/SF
The CNN San Francisco bureau and the Western/Pacific Literacy Network have partnered to develop an online adult literacy site for learners and instructors.

Newspapers on the Net
This site is a list of thousands of links to newspapers from around the world.

Reading Signs in English
This photo collection of signs provides dozens of examples of environmental print. (added 10/30/03)

Seattle Times Civil Rights Photo Gallery
This is a web site devoted to the civil rights movement and the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Instructors will find the photo gallery very useful for teaching ESL students about the civil rights movement.

Virtual Picture Album
The Virtual Picture Album (or VPA) is a computer archive of digitized photographs and drawings, accompanied by useful descriptions and suggestions for ways to incorporate these pictures into various in-class and out-of-class activities. The pictures in the album are organized into sections according to country of origin. The collection was compiled by the Less Commonly Taught Languages Project at the University of Minnesota.

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