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In the Classroom

Diversity, Identity, Discrimination

Building Bridges: A Peace Corps Classroom Guide to Cross-Cultural Understanding
This curriculum includes short, adaptable lesson plans and activities that build cross-cultural awareness, respect, and communication in the classroom. Lessons are flexible, easy to use, and standards-based.

Holidays Around the World
A website of adult student writings about their cultural holidays. Holidays can be accessed by culture or by month.

"Learning From Inclusion," an article
In this article entitled "Learning from Inclusion," teacher Erik Jacobson describes his inclusive ESOL class, where "traditional" ESOL students are joined by participants from a young adult day program that which offers vocational and social skills training for young adults with special needs.

Lesson Plans on Tolerance
This section of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website includes lesson plans to encourage tolerance. The lesson plans are created by different organizations, and collected by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Valuing Our Differences: Celebrating Holidays:
a Web site, Valuing our Differences: Celebrating Diversity, which concentrates on Ethnic, National, Religious, and Other Holidays in the United States.

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