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In the Classroom

Using Technology

Benefits and challenges in using computers and the Internet with adult English learners
This article describes many of the ways in which computers and the Internet are being used in adult English classrooms.

The Computers and English for Speakers of Other Languages website is for teachers who are interested in integrating technology into the ESL/EFL classroom. The site addresses: integrating technology into the curriculum; developing project-based, cooperative use of computers and the Internet; and using software appropriately. The site links to specific lesson plans, other teacher resources, and a guide to selecting software.

Computers in Action
Computers in Action is a series of stand-alone lesson plans for instructors using computers to help teach English in the ESOL classroom.

Distance Learning For Adult Learners
This site, organized by the U.S. Department of Education, gathers resources on distance learning. There are sections on designing and evaluating online courses, examples of model courses, and a guide for web-based learning.

This link brings you to an "electronic town square," where you'll find storefront entrances to a civic center, a health center, an early childhood center, among others. Each center gives access to lessons, reflections, and information.

Harnessing Technology for ESL Education
A bulletin board for questions posted by ESL teachers throughout the country.  Either other teachers or David Rosen, the site’s creators, post solutions to the questions.

Internet Basics for ESL StudentsNew
This 14-lesson site introduces the technical vocabulary of computers and the Internet. Readings, dialogues for conversation practice, and activities provide context for the specialized technical language. Useful for teachers as well as students.

Software Review from Northwest Regional Literacy Resource Center (NWRLRC)
The Software Buyers' Guide includes information on software costs, publishers, computer requirements, ratings, and summaries of the software itself.  It is the result of a multi-state review process coordinated by the Northwest Regional Literacy Resource Center (NWRLRC).

The Study Place
The Study Place is a Web-based authoring tool that offers adult educators a way to create and deliver online learning activities to their adult learners The Study Place offers forms to create lessons and quizzes, an archive of teacher-created lessons, and a resources guide that includes state and national competencies.

Teaching ESOL Using Word Processing: A Communicative Approach
This is an article from Focus on Basics called "Teaching ESOL Using Word Processing: A Communicative Approach" and written by veteran adult ESOL practitioners.

Theory and Practice of Computer-Based Language Testing
This special edition of "Language Learning and Technology Magazine" features articles, essays, and studies about the use of computer technologyin testing in ESL and EFL classrooms.

Tools for Teachers: Internet Evaluation Web Quest
This article discusses internet evaluation and provides a detailed outline of a lesson plan for teachers or tutors to teach adult learners to analyze and evaluate the "inundation" of information on the Internet.

TrackStar helps instructors organize and annotate Web sites (URLs) for use in lessons. You can string together different websites into one integrated lesson. You have to register to use TrackStar, but the service is free.

Web Power: Enhancing classroom lessons with the Internet
This website illustrates lessons on using the Internet both as a classroom resource from home and in the classroom as a classroom tool.

This site is a voice mail board and very easy voice email interface. It can be helpful for students who are practicing their listening and speaking skills. Language learning with this site requires a microphone and speakers for your computer.

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