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Linguistic Funland PenPals/EPals
You can find a penpal from around the world. You can write and read messages from your penpal to practice your English skills.

Dave’s ESL Café
You can talk with other adult learners in the discussion rooms. You can also exchange messages with other learners around the world. You can read and write messages to practice your English skills.

Free Translation
This site translates between English and six different languages–Spanish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, and Portuguese. You type your words, and a translation is provided.

Reading Comprehension Lessons
This site is designed for advanced English Language learners who want to improve their reading comprehension skills. The 25 posted lessons build comprehension strategies by guiding readers to interact with the text before and after reading.

The Immigration Portal
The Immigration Portal has a directory of lawyers. You can download free immigration forms and subscribe to a free daily or weekly immigration update. There are links to information about various parts of the immigration process.

About.com’s Directory of English Language Schools
This is About.com's directory of English Language Schools. You can find a school to attend. You can contact the school directly for more information.

Community Corner
Community Corner shows online content relevant to low-income, ethnically-diverse populations. The site has carefully-chosen links and information that connect people to community, education and employment-related resources that can benefit the whole family.

Cool Word of the Day
This site gives a cool word every day. There is the definition and the pronunciation for the word. You can look at past words, and you can submit your own cool word.

Immigration Resource Site
This site is an extensive collection of immigration self-help resources and references. It lists on-line services, organizations, and immigration lawyers and consultants. This is not a general site for learning about immigration issues; it is a useful resource for those who have particular immigration questions or problems.

Becoming a U.S. Citizen
This site invites new citizens to contribute writing about the citizenship process and links to resources about immigrant rights, immigration history, the naturalization process, and civic information.

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Café
This site provides dozens of easy-to-use listening quizzes for students. There are different topics in each quiz, including Answering Machine, Emergency Call, and Hotel Check-In. Pre-listening and post-listening activities and comprehension checks are included with each quiz.

The Key: The Key is a newspaper written for new readers and adults with limited reading skills. All material in The Key and on-line is free of copyright for nonprofit, education purposes only. The Key New Readers Newspaper has been published monthly since 1988.

ESL Special Collection
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