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Matthew Scelza
Project Director

Matthew Scelza has six years of experience in adult ESOL education. Mr. Scelza currently serves as Project Director for the PEACE Grant, one of 12 national English Language and Civics Education demonstration grants awarded by the U.S. Department of Education. At California Literacy, Mr. Scelza is in charge of new program development, liaison with existing programs, and oversight of the training of volunteers. As a VISTA, Mr. Scelza worked at the Healthy Boston ESL Project where he developed study groups in every Boston neighborhood and at the Adult Learning Program of the Jamaica Plain Community Centers where he organized the first Career Fair for Adult Learners in Boston. In the Bronx, Mr. Scelza taught English to Speakers of Other Languages at a welfare-to-work program. Mr. Scelza has an MA in Education, Curriculum and Teacher Education, and a BA in American Studies, both from Stanford University.

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