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The winners of the Mini-Grants competition have been announced. The winners are:





English for Careers Training Program

Marti Gossland

Rosemead College of English

Rosemead, CA

Learner-Centered Curricula for Correctional Facilities

Kari Garcia-Fisher

Ramsey County of Correctional Facility

Maplewood, MN

Internet Action Photo Book

Barry Bakin

Pacoima Skills Center

Pacoima, CA

Citizenship Preparation for Low Level Learners

Mia Axtell

Della Lamb Community Services ESL Program

Kansas City, MO

The ESL Special Collection is a comprehensive collection of materials, resources, and web links for instructors, tutors, program administrators, and adult learners. A major focus of this site will be downloadable curricula for use by tutors and teachers.

Visitors will also be able to find links to adult ESL research, policy issues, articles about practice, and project updates. ESL-focused materials found in the other LINCS collections (family literacy, EFF, etc.) can also be found here. Civic Participation (CP) materials are included in the Special Collection as they relate to ESL.

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