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Submission Guidelines

The ESL Special Collection is an actively managed collection of resources and web links. Suggestions and submissions are always welcome. Please review the Selection Criteria listed below before submitting any materials.

Technical notes:

Please submit materials in electronic form, preferably in Microsoft Word.

Hard-copy materials can be sent to:

Matthew Scelza
ESL Special Collection
California Literacy, Inc.
2028 E. Villa Street
Pasadena CA 91107-2379

Selection Criteria

All sites and materials included in the ESL Special Collection will be useful to literacy practitioners, program administrators, researchers, and adult learners in some aspect of English as a Second Language education. ESL Education is defined to include Civics Education materials useful to ESL learners.

The following criteria will be used when considering a site or material for inclusion in the Special Collection:

Criteria #1: Quality

The site/material must be relevant to the ESL Special Collection.

The site/material must be readily understandable and useful to the intended audiences.

The site/material must be reflective of current research.

In addition, a site/material may be included if it is new and innovative.

Criteria #2: Longevity

The site/material should have lasting value.

Seminal materials in the field of ESL education will be included.

Older materials with lasting value for research or comparison purposes will be included.

Materials included in the ESL Special Collection must also meet the General LINCS Selection Criteria. Materials submitted for inclusion in the ESL Special Collection must meet the LINCS Submission Criteria and Web Publishing Guidelines. Please contact Matthew Scelza, Project Director, with questions or recommendations of resources to include in the ESL Special Collection.

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