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Students and Learners:
Meet Other Learners

Dave’s ESL Café
You can talk with other adult learners in the discussion rooms. You can also exchange messages with other learners around the world. You can read and write messages to practice your English skills.

English Club
This site has a lot of activities and practice opportunities for learners. You can find a pen pal on this site. By joining the English Club, you can get a free monthly newsletter with more activities and games.

Exploring CulturesNew
This bilingual (English-Spanish) site offers a compilation of students’ work (basic, intermediate, and advanced) from an Even Start program. The site includes family stories, legends and myths, poems and examples of pen pal letters as well as photos of students and teachers.

Linguistic Funland PenPals/EPals
You can find a penpal from around the world. You can write and read messages from your penpal to practice your English skills.

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