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Students and Learners:
How to Do Things in the U.S.

The Beehive
This website connects low-income households to information and resources around the things that matter most to them: health, jobs, money, education and family.

Community Corner
Community Corner shows online content relevant to low-income, ethnically-diverse populations. The site has carefully-chosen links and information that connect people to community, education and employment-related resources that can benefit the whole family.

This is a new online library providing easy-to-find and easy-to-use information (in English) for low-to-intermediate level adult readers. This Website can be used by anyone looking for a wide range of information, from housing and jobs to history and government.

Information for Immigrants
This site orients newcomers to how various U.S. systems work. Although the information is, at times, dense, this is a useful resource to learn about banking, credit cards, drivers licenses, sending money abroad, finding a school, and many other systems that immigrants need to navigate.

Life in the USA
The creator of the Life in the USA site, Elliot Essman, has put together information (from his own point of view) on many different aspects of US culture for immigrants and visitors to the US. This site is for advanced students.

How to Write a Check
This website shows you how to write a check. It uses video. You need a fast Internet connection to see this site.

Stress, a Student Health Project
This student health project about stress includes student writings about their own experience, health facts, and ideas for relieving stress.

A Student-Written Article about Stress and Peer Education

A Student Project on Stress

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