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Adult Literacy Resource Institute
This site is the Adult Literacy Resource Institute in Boston. If you click on "Special Projects," you are linked to a menu of teaching resources (teaching activities, student writings, and topical information), including "ESL Homebuying Readiness" projects; "Virtual Visits" to such places as a 19th century cotton mill, the MA State House, and a computer store; "Health and Literacy" projects; and "Technology" projects.

American Association of Intensive English Programs
The American Association of Intensive English Programs is a professional organization for schools in the U.S. that provide English language training. It has outlined a set of standards that describe good practices in program development and implementation.

American Educational Research Association
The American Educational Research Association (AERA), a professional membership organization, strives to improve the educational process by encouraging scholarly inquiry related to education. AERA offers a comprehensive program of scholarly publications, training, fellowships, and meetings to advance educational research, to disseminate knowledge, and to improve the capacity of the profession to enhance the public good.

CASAS, a national organization focused on adult education and training systems, provides tools and resources for assessment, instruction and evaluation. CASAS is approved and validated by the U.S. Department of Education in the area of adult literacy. The site describes the various systems and training available through CASAS.

Immigration & Naturalization Service
This is the official site for the INS. You can download forms, research regulations, and read the latest immigration-related legislative bills.

League of Women Voters
A voter education and information web site that includes voter registration information in English and Spanish, as well as excerpts from the League of Women Voters' 'Get Out the Vote Kit.'

Literacy Assistance Center
Although this site is established primarily as a local (New York City) resource, referral center, and hotline and to provide information about LAC events and services, it's also a great site for information and links of more global interest. In addition to providing web-based access to LAC print publications, Curriculum guides and reports, this site offers extensive lists of web links in areas such as: literacy/ESOL instruction, literacy organizations, technology, funding/grants, LD, multicultural resources, youth and family services as well as links to website evaluation and construction.

Literacy Resources Center of Rhode Island
The ESOL page at Literacy Resources/Rhode Island is a loosely organized collection of resources about ESOL, immigration, and other issues of relevance to immigrants and ESOL teachers. Kinds of resources you can find on this site include: teaching activities, ESOL learning theory and research, education and immigration policy, publications, and organizations (such as the Immigration History Research Center). This site is a gateway to the broader context in which we do the work of teaching and learning English.

National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE)
The mission of this 30-year-old, Washington DC-based organization is to benefit the education of language minority students in American schools. Although this means their focus is on K-12 education, some of the issues (such as multiculturalism) could apply also to adult education. They host a major national conference each year in February, which does include workshops on adult and vocational education.

National Center for ESL Literacy Education (NCLE): The National Center for ESL Literacy Education (NCLE), a national information center focusing on the language and literacy education of adults and out-of-school youth learning English, works to support those providing such services. For over ten years, NCLE has provided information on adult ESL literacy education to teachers and tutors, program directors, researchers, and policymakers interested in the education of refugees, immigrants, and other U.S. residents whose native language is other than English.

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
This site for (mainstream) English teachers lists their annual convention, their many conferences and regional affiliate conferences all over the U.S. Although they don't focus on ESL issues, many issues such as learning strategies and the teaching of writing do overlap. (The site also has a great online catalog of educational literature.)

National Women’s History Project
NWHP is a non-profit educational organization committed to recognizing and celebrating the diverse and significant historical accomplishments of women by providing information and educational materials and programs. NWHP is the sponsor of National Women's History Month.  March 8 is International Women's Day.

Office of Vocational and Adult Education,
U. S. Department of Education

The OVAE website has information, research, and resources to help prepare young people and adults for postsecondary education, successful careers, and productive lives.

ProLiteracy America
ProLiteracy America, the largest adult literacy organization in the United States, was established in October, 2002, with the merger of Laubach Literacy and Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc. ProLiteracy Americas 1200 affiliates are represented in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

ProLiteracy Worldwide
ProLiteracy Worldwide is represented in 45 developing countries as well as in the U.S. and serves more than 350,000 adult new learners around the world each year. Its purpose is to sponsor educational programs and services to empower adults and their families by assisting them to acquire the literacy practices and skills they need to function more effectively in their daily lives and participate in the transformation of their societies.

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is the nation’s largest ESL organization for instructors and administrators. TESOL is a membership organization, and the organizational web site contains information about all of TESOL’s services, including publications, model standards, advocacy, and professional development opportunities. (MS)