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The NIFL ESL Special Collection is proud to announce the five winners of $250 mini-grants.  Each of the winners will create a replicable lesson plan using materials already on the ESL Special Collection.  The goal of the mini-grants project is to simplify the lives of ESL practitioners through the creation of easy-to-use lesson plans.

Visit the ESL Special Collection at to learn more.

The five winners:

1. Family Day Trip Webquest for Intermediate Learners (with Adaptations for Beginners)
Karisa Tashjian and Sherry Fiaux, RI
Family Literacy Initiative, Providence, RI

Website referenced:

The lesson is based on a webquest Tashjian and Fiaux created about a
family day trip in Rhode Island. Students are presented with the
scenario that they have been given a Saturday off from work to spend
with their family. They have $50 to plan a trip for 2 families and to
visit 3 places interesting to all members of their families. There are
adaptations provided to help teachers develop a similar project
wherever they are. There are six organizer worksheets to make the
project easier for students and teachers.

2. Storytelling Skills for Intermediate/Advanced Learners
Cheryl Fuentes, REEP, Arlington, VA

Websites referenced:

Fuentes developed lesson plans to assist parents in her
intermediate/advanced ESL class in the Family English Program to
participate more actively as literacy advocates at home by helping the
parents develop storytelling skills in English."

3. A Lesson on Culture for Intermediate/Advanced Learners
Jean Bodman, Institute for Intensive English
Union County College, NJ

Website referenced:

Bodman adapted several cross-cultural exercises from the site to
create an intermediate-advanced lesson plan on culture.

4. Colors and Clothes for Beginners
Melinda Anne Roberts, Santa Ana College, Santa Ana, CA

Website referenced:

Roberts created a lesson plan to help beginning-level students use the
Internet and learn and/or practice colors, items of clothing, and the
singular and plural forms of present tense of to be.

5. Hillary Gardner, Center for Immigrant Education and Training, LaGuardia Community College, Queens NY

Websites referenced:

Each student will be assigned a US president to research. Through their research, students will develop a better understanding of the structure of the US govt, responsibilities of the executive branch, important presidents and key events in US history. Students will give an oral presentation on what they've learned.