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Assessing the Impact of Technology in Teaching and Learning: A Sourcebook for Evaluators
The Sourcebook provides an overview of measurement issues in seven areas, from learner outcomes to technology integration. A collection of appendices includes examples of measures used in a variety of U.S. Department of Education-funded technology projects. You can download the entire Sourcebook from this site.

Canadian Language Benchmarks
The Canadian Language Benchmarks are a descriptive scale of communicative proficiency in English as a Second Language, expressed as benchmarks or reference points. They provide a framework of reference for learning, teaching, programming and assessing adult English as a Second Language in Canada, and a national standard for planning second language curricula. The Canadian Language Benchmarks 2000 (CLB 2000) can be found on this site in two companion documents: ESL for Adults and ESL for Literacy Learners.

CASAS Competencies
This list of the CASAS competencies can help in curriculum planning and in grant-writing.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
This is the official federal government website for information on domestic grants available.

National Reporting System for Adult Education
This is the primary Web site for information on the National Reporting System, an outcome-based reporting system for state-administered, federally funded adult education programs. The site includes background on the NRS' outcome measures and uniform data collection system; current developments in the system; publications; and access to training on the system (software, online modules, print materials, etc.) including the NRS Online Training System.

The New Neighbors: A User's Guide to Data on Immigrants in U.S. Communities
According to the Urban Institute site, “This guidebook was designed to help policy makers, program implementers, and advocates use U.S. Census and other data sources to identify immigrant populations in their communities—their characteristics, their contributions, and their needs. The guidebook discusses national trends in immigration and addresses public policy questions that can be analyzed using these data.”

Nonprofit Gateway
This site includes many resources for not-for-profit organizations, including sources of grants.

Sample Grants Budget
This .pdf file offers a sample budget for a research project. While some of the line items are specific to a research project, the document offers a clear model of how to construct a budget for a grant. (Note: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the document. Click on "Web Tools" on the left navigation bar to download Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Student Leadership:
How to Start and Support a Student Council at Your ProgramNew
This site offers a rationale and practical guidelines for incorporating student leadership into adult basic education programs.


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