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About Us

The ESL Special Collection demonstrates the value of ESL education, fosters and promotes the development of high-quality ESL programs, provides guidelines for planning and supporting these programs, and supports ongoing communication and collaboration among stakeholders.

The intended stakeholders or audiences for the ESL Special Collection are instructors, literacy practitioners, program administrators, researchers, adult learners, and state staff involved in some aspect of ESL education.

All resources included in LINCS Special Collections are expected to meet general LINCS Selection Criteria.

Additional selection criteria for resources included in the ESL Special Collection concern the relevance of the resources to ESL learning experiences and the intended audience of the site.

Specific Criteria #1. All sites and materials included in the ESL Special
Collection will be useful to one or more of the following target audiences: literacy practitioners, program administrators, researchers or adult learners in some aspect of ESL education. ESL Education is defined to include Civics Education materials useful to ESL learners.

Specific Criteria #2. Because research indicates that multi-sensory instruction is beneficial for ESL learners, preference is given to sites that incorporate multimedia instruction. Audio or audiovisual features enable learners to hear English rather than simply read it. Additionally, clear and attractive graphics offer additional context clues for learners to use in understanding content and navigating the site.

Specific Criteria #3. Content of approved sites will focus on the range of needs of adult immigrant learners of English, including survival skills, social and economic needs, family, work and community life. Topical sites which focus on higher education, and formal linguistic study are to be included to the extent that they relate to these content areas.

Specific Criteria #4. Approved sites will be evaluated for ready accessibility, ease of use, and the absence of commercial content or advertising. Sites which require a user to provide extensive personal information, or to pay for access, are not accepted.

This project is funded by the National Institute for Literacy. This collection of ESL resources is being developed and maintained by California Literacy, Inc., in partnership with World Education. Staff directly responsible for the site are:

Matthew Scelza, Project Director
more info | email

Andy Nash, Content Developer, World Education
more info | email

Tom Mueller, Content Developer
more info | email

A specialized advisory group, the Core Knowledge Group, with wide and varied areas of expertise in ESL, assists the staff in decisions about the content and organization of the site.

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