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Special Announcements

New! 2003 RFP Announced

In order to address the literacy needs of California’s children, the Governor’s Book Fund will initially focus on school libraries through a grant application process. This effort will be comprised of an enrichment program which will add age appropriate, quality books to their collections for elementary, middle school and high school libraries.

Direct funding will be provided to a school district through a competitive grant application and evaluation process. Successful applicants would be required, among other things, to:

  • Assess their existing school collection (number of volumes, number of students in the school compared to number of current volumes in the collection; etc.);

  • Identify specific subject areas of need and describe how input was received from teachers, students, and parents;

  • Describe the types of materials that would be purchased to address those identified needs.

All California schools K-12 with a physical site designated as a school library will be eligible for these grants. This will be a statewide grant program with the minimum grant being $5,000. A marketing plan will be developed to generate interest in the program and also to announce the results of the competitive grant process. Grant applications that do not receive money will be held for one year and then destroyed. A bookplate with the Governor's Book Fund logo will be placed in every book purchased with money granted through the Fund.

CSL Staff will develop the grant applications with input and final approval from the Fund Board and the application itself will be available on the Internet with links to the First Lady’s homepage, the California homepage, and the CSL homepage, among others. Grant recipients will receive a recommended book list that the Fund Board will provide but schools may order any books they deem appropriate for their school. The school then purchases the books and provides a report, developed by CSL staff, to the Foundation that will include a list of books purchased with the grant money and how the school will promote the new books to their students. Schools will sign a claim form from the Foundation in which they certify that the grant money will be used for books ONLY and that all books will be purchased after the grant award date.

The application process will be similar for staff at elementary, middle and high schools. The Board encourages that, whenever possible, durable, pre-processed books be purchased. Libraries may choose their own titles, however, recommended books at each level may include selections from the following:

Elementary Schools:

Middle/High Schools:

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