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A 9-member Fund Advisory Board (Click here for current Fund Board member biographies) made up of key agencies, organizations and individuals concerned about the literacy welfare of Californians will be appointed by the Foundation Board to oversee the fund and advise on its programs. This Fund Board will be chaired by the First Lady as Honorary Member and will meet annually in the State Librarian’s office to plan for fund development and set funding priorities. Conference calls maybe scheduled throughout the year, as needed. The Governor’s office will submit names for the Fund Board to the Foundation Board for their approval. Each member will hold his/her appointment for two years. Terms will be staggered.

The Fund Board will be composed of the following individuals:

  • California’s First Lady (Honorary Member and Chair)

  • Secretary of Education

  • Superintendent of Public Instruction, California Department of Education

  • California State Librarian

  • California School Library Association

  • Representative from elementary (1), middle school (1) and high school librarians (1)

  • Representative from public library children and youth librarians

  • California State Library Literacy Programs Coordinator